Aaron Paradox

My name is Aaron Paradox, and I am the creator of the short animation/film "Kensho." Since its premiere seven years ago, "Kensho" has gained some popularity and won several awards at different film festivals around the world.

Reactions to Kensho

I have watched this 10 times in a row. This piece touched me on such a deep level that I cannot ignore it. This is so beautiful, so real, and so much like the dreams; I, myself experience. Well done. Absolutely well done.

John Radabaugh

Wow. This. Is. Profoundly. Beautiful.

Peter Tharos

Absolutely beautiful. The beginning moves me to tears every time. Thank you.


Really stunning work Aaron, well done for capturing the concept so well visually, it really brings back some memories of beautiful 'experiences' I've had in the past

Lee Burnett

There are rare videos on youtube/vimeo that I have special feeling during watching them. Feeling that I am beeing served some kind of universal truth that I have already known but wasnt able to realize it. And these videos are showing it to me. This is such a video. Thank you fort that. I have watched it several times and I am sure that I will watch it several times again. Yes - The World is ULTIMATE playground for us and it is only up to us how we will play OUR game. We dont know that and (should) have to realize it. And maybe to realize it is the ultimate game. Have a nice day/week/month/year/life...all of you folks.

Jan Toman

My heart is beating a little faster. Job well done. Well done!!!

Mannie Oweh

Astonishingly well done. You had my attention from the start right through to the end. The imagery was entirely appropriate and the music brought everything together. Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this :)

Mark Blood

I keep playing the intro over and over as it reminds me about my most recent kundalini experience.

John Bellew

Thank you Aaron Paradox. You have mastered this piece perfectly...Coherent in sound, visual and the beautiful wise voice of Allan Watts. The reaction of the man at the start has brought tears to my eyes each time I see this video. I know that feeling…

Antonella Ripani

This is why we all are making movies right? to get soaked into a story and escape the real world for a minute. you did it my friend! Bravo!

Angelo Kovatchev

THIS IS PERFECTION. And Stanley Kubrick would have loved it.

Stefano Bianchi

Beautiful! Thank you for making and sharing this. I'm crying from inside.

Himanshu Vora

This could be a great concept for a long movie.

Sjoerd Houweling

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Over the years I have received numerous messages from people who have viewed "Kensho" and wanted to share their own stories of mystical experiences with me. As a result, I have decided to return to this subject and produce a documentary film version of "Kensho".

I am currently in the process of finding and interviewing people who have had "Kensho" experiences. If you or someone you know has had a mystical experience, I invite you to participate in my research by filling out my online questionnaire. Your input will be an invaluable contribution to the film, and I encourage you to share the questionnaire with anyone you know who may be interested in participating as well. I believe that, together, we can shed light on the puzzling phenomenon of mystical experiences and gain a deeper understanding of their nature. Thank you for your support!

Aaron Paradox